Contract-packingOur ability to understand the needs of our clients, process raw material or manufacture product to desired specifications, are services Bakels Edible Oils are proud to offer to the New Zealand food industry.

World leading Food Manufacturers, Dairy Companies and Retail Chains constantly call on the services of Bakels Edible Oils to assist them in the manufacture of specific product or the processing of their own raw materials to prescribed specifications.

At Bakels Edible Oils we welcome new customers, new products and the challenge of product development. 

Products currently being manufactured by Bakels Edible Oils include

Industrial Products

  • Oil Blends
  • Butter Oil Substitutes
  • Dairy Fat Replacers
  • Dairy Blends
  • Customer Specific Products

Retail Products

  • Private Label Manufacture of Spreads
  • Flavoured Spreads

Bakels Edible Oils welcomes your queries as to how we can assist in the development and manufacture of products to support your business needs.