Sustainability Policy

Bakels Edible Oils is committed to the procurement of raw materials from suppliers who utilise and support the development of Sustainable Production Processes. This philosophy also extends into minimising the utilisation of natural resources such as water, electricity and gas to ensure Bakels Edible Oils reduces any environmental impacts.

The issue of Sustainable Palm Oil production is a concern to our Company. In line with our commitment to Sustainability, Bakels has been a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) since June 2011. RSPO is a global, multi-stakeholder initiative on sustainable Oil Palm products. Members of RSPO and participants in its activities come from many different backgrounds, including plantation Companies, manufacturers and retailers of Palm Oil products, environmental and social NGOs and from many Countries that produce or use Palm Oil products. The principal objective of RSPO is “to promote the growth and use of sustainable Palm Oil through cooperation within the supply chain and open dialogue between its stakeholders”.

In line with the growing demand from customers and availability from suppliers Bakels Edible Oils is able to offer our customers Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) as either Mass Balance (MB) or Segregated (SG) which conforms to the RSPO Supply Chain Certification Standard. These supply chain models monitor the trade of RSPO certified Palm products throughout the entire supply chain as a driver for mainstream trade in sustainable Palm products.

As a responsible supplier of quality ingredients to the Food Industry, Bakels Edible Oils is committed to continuous improvement in its processes and Policies relating to Sustainability.


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To ensure the safety of our environment, both now and in the future, Bakels Edible Oils is committed to the protection of employees, property and environment through continuous improvement of our policies and procedures.

With the increasing emphasis on environmental issues it is our goal to put in place systems that enable us to monitor Company performance and ensure we meet our desire to minimise or eliminate any adverse environmental effects produced by our Company.

In order to support our goals, Bakels Edible Oils has sought external assurance through the Enviro-Mark Programme administered by Enviro-Mark Solutions (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research, a Government Crown Research Institute). Through our Team’s hard work, we have achieved Enviro-Mark® Diamond Certification, the highest level of Certification in the Programme. This means we have a robust Environmental Management System (EMS) in place that exceeds ISO 14001, international best practice for Environmental Management Systems.


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